It's Feb 1, 2021 & if anything, I know I am pretty late to the new year's resolution bandwagon. I don't want to wax eloquent & capture the entirety of what I did last year. However, I will be continuing on similar grounds in 2021, as well & I look forward to soaking in more of the awesomeness!

As a CNCF ambassador, I want to help others start & sustain their journey in Open source via contributions. I also hope to learn from these & other interactions within the community and bridge my knowledge gaps in the process. One of the ways I am planning to do this is by speaking at more events & meetups as also blogging here about my journey. To reach out to me for speaking opportunities, please see my Speaker rider.

Speaking of blogging... despite having a website, I haven't been the most diligent in its upkeep the past year. 2021 is the year I am hoping to change that by writing every week (I know, I know I am already a month late). I do not have a list of topics in my mind & I'm expecting this section to be a weird mix of content from different spaces I am interested in.

That being said, most of these spaces I've become interested in have been because of the conversations I've had the privilege of being a part of. I guess this is my version of "Let your weird light shine bright so that the other weirdos know where to find you." To keep the (conversational) ball rolling, @Divya_Mohan02 is where you can find me at on Twitter. 

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