Over the past couple of years I have realized that along with curiosity, one of the major factors that led me into taking very atypical leaps is being part of conversations or an atmosphere that sort-of promoted my next jump. Most of these conversations were with people who were not compelled to help me, a complete newbie, but did it nevertheless. Having recently completed Seth Godin's Linchpin, I figured what these folks were doing even though they really might not have had a term for it. They were giving me a gift.


Now I know what most of us think (& know) about gifts & honestly, that was my viewpoint as well till I read this book.  In Linchpin, Seth explains the social, cultural, and financial facets of gift-giving & how we've completely skewed its essence by making it transactional. This, according to him, has ruined the very core concept of treating gifts as works of art that are given to someone you consider part of your “tribe” without an expectation of the action being reciprocated. When I started considering contributing to Open Source very seriously, there were several folks who helped me along the way. It took a village (and more, probably) for me to figure out where I could contribute meaningfully & I’m forever grateful for the people who actually took out time to guide me. Even today, I firmly believe it is the people you meet along the way rather than the tools/technology that make Open Source as popular as it is now.

Although I am still stumbling & figuring my way out because there are no maps (another Linchpin reference, I am sorry!), I’d love to help those interested figure out how to effectively & sustainably contribute to Open Source projects. 

All you need to do are the below three things:

  • Fill out this Google form. Don’t worry, I hate spam too & won't be using your details for anything else!

  • Once you fill out the Google form, I will send across a Doodle invite for you to fill in slots that work for you.

  • This is optional, but appreciated. If you are able to think of what you’re good at & what area you’d like to start contributing to (code, community, documentation, etc.), we'd be able to figure out a good fit faster. 

Below is what you can expect as part of this interaction:


  • Helpful resources customized to get you started

  • A follow-up invite to check-in if you need any further help in this regard.

What this will be not:

  • A career counseling/recruiting session for my employer/otherwise. I'm neither a certified counselor nor a recruiter. 

  • A marketing pitch about the projects I contribute to. Sure, they are awesome & I'd be stoked if you joined them. However, this will be about YOU.

So why are you doing this?

Good question & I'm glad you asked! Over the past year, I've contributed to a couple of projects & learned a LOT outside of my day job at HSBC. I am doing this because I believe there is a lot of interest in Open Source but with the ecosystem being really vast, newcomers are very easily intimidated! I certainly was & it is something I don't want folks, who are looking to get started, to be limited by. 

Please note: I will not be providing you with a cheat sheet. As aforementioned, I can only point you in the direction of where you'd be a good fit. What you make of your journey in open source will totally be up to you. 

Are there any deadlines?


I am planning for this to be a month long experiment initially & continue thereafter, based on the number of responses I receive. 

So, if contributing to Open Source is something that you have been considering - irrespective of the age & professional/educational level you’re at please do consider filling up the form above.!



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