Synchronicity is a term I recently came across & events over the past couple of days, sort-of reaffirm my belief in this concept. Having written Paying it forward just two weeks back, I was beyond thrilled to speak at the New Contributor Workshop organized by Kubernetes Bangalore along with Nabarun & Nikhita yesterday. While the YouTube video is up for later viewing (if you faced network issues like I did) & there are ongoing conversations on Twitter & the k8s Slack (that you should totally join, if you haven't yet), it made sense to have a comprehensive list of resources that we spoke about for future reference.





While we do plan to hold such workshops in the future(hopefully in-person), below are some of the resources you might find useful in your contribution journey:

- Slides

- Repo where you can find detailed SIG-specific information

- The Kubernetes Community Code of Conduct

- GitHub repo for the Kubernetes org

- GitHub repo for kubernetes-sigs subprojects (Fun fact: You filed your first PR here yesterday, if you participated! No swag for guessing which repo though, sadly 😇)

Core repository for Kubernetes:

- Link to good first issues:

- Link to triaged issues that require help:

- Kubernetes contributor patch: (I was NOT KIDDING when I said that it costs USD 1000!

- Bot commands help:

- Non Code contributions to Kubernetes:

There were a few that did not make it to the presentation & were discussed on the Slack channel/Zoom meeting. Some of these are listed below:

- A bit more about our labels:

- Learning how to set up clusters locally:

- Katacoda environments for learning Kubernetes:

- Also, we have great interactive tutorials on the Kubernetes website:

- Contributor cheatsheet:

- Contributor guides: ,

- The high resolution group photos (because I have included the merged low res one in this post)

This is, of course, just a list to get you started & is by no means an exhaustive compilation. We'd also love feedback on how useful (or not!) you found it so that we can help you better in the next iteration. Please consider commenting here with your views on the session & I hope to see you around on the Slack!

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