I'm a Senior Systems Administrator with extensive experience in Middleware technologies on *NIX platforms. Currently, my technology toolkit includes Shell Script, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & Python as well as documentation-related frameworks like Docusaurus, Sphinx etc. 

An avid open source contributor, some of the projects I have worked/am working on are listed under the Projects tab.

I love sharing my (mis)adventures in the tech space via public speaking. Should you want me to speak at your event, please do read my speaker rider.

You can find a more detailed version of my work history by visiting my LinkedIn profile.

Edit (Feb 2021): I've started a Patreon account towards helping build more accessible & diverse communities, within & outside of tech. If you/anyone you know would benefit from it, please consider subscribing & supporting my work.

P.S. The posts on this website will always be available/free for everyone to view. 


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